Our Projects

  • Honda – School of Dreams


    Client: Honda (UK)
    Overview: We were invited by Honda (UK) to create an education programme to share the philosophy of the Power of Dreams with young people in schools in the UK.Students learn about different types of dreams, meet people who have had big dreams and make plans for dreams of their own.

    • Educator training programme
    • In partnership with Honda
    • Inspired by Power of Dreams
    • Fits with PLTS
    • Linked to dealer network
    • 98% positive feedback

    School of Dreams is mapped against the English National Curriculum Personal Learning & Thinking Skills initiative.Schools are nominated by local Honda dealerships and invite other local schools to take part. Over 250 schools, 3,000 teachers and 50,000 students have been reached by the programme. An extensive Press and PR campaign supported the programme and achieved media coverage worth £363k/$553 reaching 500,000 people.

  • Alphabet of a Teenager

    Client: Schools Across the UK
    Overview: This piece of theatre gives a broad overview of the entire PHSE curriculum in one 60 minute performance Supported by an optional workshop the play follows Michael on his journey from Year 7 to receiving his GCSE results in Year 11.

    • Drugs and Alcohol Education
    • Emotional Health and well-being
    • Sex and relationship education
    • Nutrition and physical activity
    • Personal finance
    • Safety
    • Careers education
    • Work-related learning

    The notion that students will be able to say ‘I know how that feels’ or ‘Yes, something similar happened to me’ helps build the ethos of the entire production. We want students to relate to the material and feel like they are not alone in the trials and tribulations that they are facing.

  • British Week – Kunming, China

    Client: British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, SW China
    Overview: To promote the export of UK expertise in the teaching of Creative Thinking Skills to schools to China and to create a range of opportunities for building capacity and influence within the Chinese education system.

    • Seven workshops across SW China
    • Reaching 300 pupils and 50 educators
    • Opportunities for cascade to thousands of students
    • Kick starting a project with potential for national roll out
    • Building links between UK & Chinese universities

    The long-term aim of the programme is the promotion of UK expertise in the teaching of Creative Thinking skills in China via the creation of a network of trained teachers in schools across Country. This will constitute a significant export opportunity coupled with opportunities to help build capability within the Chinese education system and raise profile and influence of UKPLC.

  • HSBC – Kicking Out

    Client: HSBC
    Partners: ARC Theater, Leyton Orient Football Club
    Overview: ARC Theater specialise in delivering issue based theater projects in schools. In partnership with Leighton Orient Football Club, ARC pioneered the concept of Football in the Community. The combination of a high quality production linked with the mass popularity of the ‘beautiful game’ proved a winning combination.

    • Theatre in education play
    • Tackling racism in football
    • High quality production
    • Funded by HSBC & The FA
    • 500 + performances
    • European tour

    We worked with ARC to develop new funding partnerships with HSBC, the Commission for Racial Equality, the Football Association, and the Professional Footballers Association as well as brokering a media partnership with IPC Magazines, publishers of Shoot magazine.

  • Nokia – Thinking Corner China

    Client: Nokia
    Partners: Beijing University of Post & Telecommunications
    Overview: At the invitation of Nokia we created a programme to promote creative thinking and innovation among students in telecommunications universities across China. The programme included a national tour of universities as well as a TV show and a series of short radio spots.

    • Thinking skills & creativity
    • In partnership with Nokia
    • Developed in China
    • Delivered in universities
    • Created ‘Thinking Corner’ Clubs
    • 10,000 participants

    When young people in China gather together to practice their English, they call it ‘English Corner’ Our dream for ‘Thinking Corner’ was that young people in China would become as passionate about thinking and creativity as they are about English.

  • Habitat Build – Kenya

    Client: American Association for Children with AIDS
    Partners: The People of Mombasa
    Overview: In 2011 we were invited by the American Association for Children with AIDS to join a project in Mombasa, Kenya. We were there to support the work of a local HIV programme and spent a week learning about their work and helping rebuild a house for a young women orphaned by AIDS. See our Kenya Blog.

    • Volunteer teams in the Mombasa slums
    • Recruit & test at risk individuals
    • Mediate & counsel the positive
    • De-stigmatise the disease
    • Encourage condom use
    • Encourage men to get involved

    The project brings hope to hundreds of people in the community convinced they have received a death sentence. The project’s Youth Club celebrate its 10th birthday this year with many of the founding members performing and at the party.

  • Nokia – English Corner – China

    Clients: Nokia, Cable & Wireless, Castrol,
    Partners: China Daily, British Council, British Embassy Beijing, VSO
    Overview: When Chinese people gather together to practice their English they refer to it as English Corner. Having identified the massive impact that learning English could have on young people in rural China we created English Corner magazine with China Daily.

    • Monthly magazine
    • Partnership with China Daily
    • Western corporate partners
    • 1 million readers a month
    • Free to VSO volunteers
    • 3 year project

    English Corner which was distributed free of charge to over one million readers via the UK’s Voluntary Services Overseas volunteers stationed around the country.In addition to support from the British Embassy in Beijing and the British Council we brokered funding partnerships with major western companies building business in China including Cable & Wireless, Castrol and Nokia.

  • The Leonardo Experience – France

    Client: Wirral Aimhigher
    Partners: Schools across Wirral
    Overview: Aimhigher’s mission is to raise the aspiration and achievement of young people from families without a history of university education. The Leonardo Experience gives pupils the chance to explore their full range of intelligences including acting, fine art, music, science, engineering, cookery, athletics and a range of artisan skills.

    • Residential Programme in France
    • Raising Aspiration & Achievement
    • Leonardo Experience – The Polymath in Me
    • Brainpower – The Genius In Me
    • Creativity – The Creative In Me
    • Personal Development – The Winner In Me

    The Leonardo Experience Residential Programme takes place in and around the village of Arles sur Tech in South West France. Students are based at a state of the art recreation center featuring extensive sports facilities, performing arts center, a cinema, restaurant and fully equipped residential block.

  • Yan Huang Festival – London

    Client: Hong Kong Government Office – London
    Partners: Shanghai Tang, China Britain Trade Council
    Overview: In 1997 we were approached by a group of Chinese artists in London to help create an event to mark the hand back of Hong Kong to China. The London Arena, close to the old Chinese quarter in London Docklands provided the ideal venue complete with a floating Chinese restaurant on the quay outside.

    • Chinese arts festival
    • London docklands
    • 25,000 visitors
    • Giant screens
    • Dragon boat racing
    • Street market

    We assembled a wide range of funding partners for the programme including; the Hong Kong Tourist Office, David Tang, London Docklands Development Commission and the China Britain Trade Council. Capital Radio were invited to be the media partners and ran live broadcasts from the event throughout the weekend helping to attract the 25,000 visitors that turned up.

  • Community Foundation – London

    Client: London Borough of Redbridge
    Partners: Siemens, Bass, HSBC
    Overview: Community Foundations are an innovative way of raising local money and using it to meet local need. The model is based on the concept of raising an endowment fund and using the interest to make grants.

    • Local money for local need
    • Endowment for longevity
    • Local Authority donors
    • Corporate donors
    • Private donors
    • Grants to local projects

    We helped Redbridge Community Trust establish itself as a major grant maker in North East London eventually becoming part of the London Community Foundation making grants of over £5m in 2013.