Our Story

In 1998 in Guilin, Southern China, John Biggs took a bicycle tour with a local guide. She took him to Moon Hill, a unique geographic feature in this stunning limestone landscape. Feng’s knowledge of English and her entrepreneurial spirit were generating cash for her family and changing the perception of  women in her local community. She was the inspiration for the creation English Corner, the Moonhill Partnership’s first project.

Social entrepreneur John Biggs set up the Moonhill Partnership in 1998. Moonhill has been working for ten years helping blue-chip companies around the world contribute to the communities in which they operate, enabling them to do well and do good at the same time.In addition to working with the corporate sector Moonhill has worked with government and third sector organisations facilitating social entrepreneurial projects in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and Africa.

Adam Rood graduated in 2008 from the Guildford School of Acting with a BA HONS in Theatre and joingd Moonill in 2013. Adam has worked as an Actor, Teacher, Composer and Director in all areas of the performing arts industry. Adam has also worked closely with Primary and Secondary schools, both through Key Stage Theatre and as a freelance teacher/workshop leader.

Projects include:

Creating the English Corner project with Cable & Wireless, the British Council and VSO in China to help over one million young disadvantaged Chinese improve their English.

Helping Bass fund a project to support young women victims of domestic violence as part of a for the East London Community Foundation programme.

Securing sponsorship from HSBC and others to produce and tour a play about racism in football to 500 schools around the United Kingdom.

Raising funds to produce a three-day Chinese arts festival for 25,000 people in London Docklands on the occasion of Hong Kong’sreturn to China.

Working with Nokia to set up a network of Thinking Skills Clubs in universities across China supported by roadshows, training programmes, TV & radio broadcasts and a website.

Working with over 150 schools in England empowering educators to deliver a programme of thinking skills promoting an understanding of the brain, creativity and self-awareness as part of the Thinking Corner programme.

Helping BP to integrate parts of the Thinking Corner programme in to the BP Schools Link programme.

Working in Bangkok with the Social Venture Network universities and schools for pupils with special needs encouraging the inclusion of a “whole brain” approach to educational techniques.

Working on behalf of the British Embassy in East Timor supporting a local NGO as they seek empower their workers to use creative approaches to development in a post conflict environment.

Creating and delivering the School of Dreams programme for Honda UK to share the Power of Dreams philosophy with young people in schools around the country.

Working in Kenya with the American Association for Children with Aids rebuilding houses in the Mombasa slums in partnership with the Community Health Based Care & Aids Relief Project. You can find out more about this project at the John in Kenya blog.