Honda – School of Dreams

Client: Honda (UK)
Overview: We were invited by Honda (UK) to create an education programme to share the philosophy of the Power of Dreams with young people in schools in the UK.Students learn about different types of dreams, meet people who have had big dreams and make plans for dreams of their own.

  • Educator training programme
  • In partnership with Honda
  • Inspired by Power of Dreams
  • Fits with PLTS
  • Linked to dealer network
  • 98% positive feedback

School of Dreams is mapped against the English National Curriculum Personal Learning & Thinking Skills initiative.Schools are nominated by local Honda dealerships and invite other local schools to take part. Over 250 schools, 3,000 teachers and 50,000 students have been reached by the programme. An extensive Press and PR campaign supported the programme and achieved media coverage worth £363k/$553 reaching 500,000 people.