Habitat Build – Kenya

Client: American Association for Children with AIDS
Partners: The People of Mombasa
Overview: In 2011 we were invited by the American Association for Children with AIDS to join a project in Mombasa, Kenya. We were there to support the work of a local HIV programme and spent a week learning about their work and helping rebuild a house for a young women orphaned by AIDS. See our Kenya Blog.

  • Volunteer teams in the Mombasa slums
  • Recruit & test at risk individuals
  • Mediate & counsel the positive
  • De-stigmatise the disease
  • Encourage condom use
  • Encourage men to get involved

The project brings hope to hundreds of people in the community convinced they have received a death sentence. The project’s Youth Club celebrate its 10th birthday this year with many of the founding members performing and at the party.


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